Friday, May 10, 2013

Did you know MNsure will have a call center to answer questions?

On September 1, 2013, a MNsure call center with a toll-free 1-800 number will open with highly trained staff available to answer questions in a timely manner. Visit MNsure to provide feedback or get involved. 

Meet the MNsure board

Last week, Governor Dayton announced the appointment of the MNsure board, which will oversee Minnesota's health insurance marketplace. The board, which was established by law earlier this legislative session, was chosen through the state's open appointments process from a pool of 112 candidates. Read the board members' bios here.

Health department releases "pay for performance" update

In May the Minnesota Department of Health released its third update to the Minnesota Quality Incentive Payment System for health care providers, since the program started in 2010.

The update includes the system's latest quality measures and performance thresholds for clinics and hospitals.
The incentive payment system, sometimes called pay for performance, is part of Minnesota's 2008 health care reform law. It was implemented in 2010. It is currently being used for participants in the state employee health plan and enrollees in state public insurance programs.

Use of this system by private health care purchasers—which are not required by law to adopt it—is also encouraged. The final framework can be found at Quality Incentive Payment System.