Friday, March 23, 2012

MN AARP conducts Minnesota health insurance exchange survey

In March, AARP Minnesota released the findings of a public opinion poll showing broad support in Minnesota for a state designed health insurance marketplace.

The survey found that two‐thirds of Minnesotans support the creation of a state run health insurance exchange and 74% want that exchange to negotiate competitive prices for consumers.

Here are some of the top-line results of the survey.

  • 83% of respondents feel the Governor and state legislators should work to ensure that all Minnesotans have access to affordable health care coverage,
  • 74% want consumers to make up the majority of the governing board, and 
  • 74% support an exchange that negotiates on behalf of individuals and small businesses.

The Governor's Health Care Reform Task Force is currently working with the Citizens League and the Bush Foundation to engage citizens and businesses around Minnesota to help define the values and priorities for health reform in Minnesota, including discussions about a health insurance exchange.The Citizens League will hold a series of online-forums and in-person workshops around the state this spring and summer.

The Minnesota Department of Commerce is currently conducting exchange-related activities including regular meetings of advisory and technical workgroups.

States have until January 1, 2013 to create their own health insurance exchanges or the federal government will establish one, to be available to consumers beginning in 2014.  The Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange Advisory Task Force will advise on the design and development of a Minnesota-made Health Insurance Exchange.